ZTE’s Optik 2 Launches with the Now Network


ZTE and Sprint launch the Optik 2 tablet! Tablets have become a staple in our now connected lives. We rely on tablets to keep us in the loop and entertained for hours on end. Since the glaring popularity and new market created by the iPad, hundreds of tablets from a handful of manufacturers have surfaced into the market place. While some are better than others on paper, an affordable tablet can go a long way when price tags are compared. Back in 2012 ZTE and Sprint got together to launch the ZTE Optik. Today seemingly out of nowhere, the ZTE Optik 2 has been put up for sale on Sprints website!

The original ZTE Optik was a super affordable tablet option that entered into the fray at one hundered bucks under the vice of a new contract. About two years later the ZTE made Optik 2 will be made available for approximately $30 bucks on contract or about $170 without. At this price point the Optik 2 is an excellent tablet. But what can you expect from such an affordable tablet? It’s not a Galaxy Tab or iPad, but the Optik 2 will fit in nicely for entry level tablet users. The Optik 2 starts with a 7 inch 1024×600 touch screen that gives its end users access to Android version 4.1.2. Internally the tablet comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon MSM8625Q processor, 8 GB of internal storage, 1 GB of RAM and expandable micro SD memory options. It packs in with it 3G connectivity as well as a massive 4000 mAh battery. Around back you’ll find a gracious 5 mega pixel camera while a 2 mega pixel sensor can be found meddling up front. That about sums of the scope of the Optik 2, simply put an affordable on or off contract Android tablet.

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