The ZTE Grand X Gets Dressed Up in Magenta



As the holidays approach we normally see a lack of new hardware making its way into the news. With CES just around the corner though, it seems that ZTE is making a pre conference approach to a few of its new handsets. Earlier this week one of the manufactures phablet aspirations known as the ZTE Grand S made an appearance in the events schedule and shortly their after was being shown off in press renderings. The latest ZTE handset to hit the news is the Grand X and T-Mobile customers should be excited!

Waaay, back in June of this year ZTE announced the Grand X LTE for European and Asian markets and while its specs and details left us wondering when and if a release stateside would ever happen; we don’t normally hold our breath for such awesome. Fast forward a few months and news of the Grand X coming stateside has surfaced, in the best possible way. Neither a rumor, nor an insider’s speculation the ZTE Grand X has passed through the halls of the FCC with blatant T-Mobile branding! The FCC paper trail reveals the Grand X aka the V970T device will be making its way to T-Mobile at some point in the future and has the go ahead to run on the carriers HSPA+ frequency bands. Further evidence that suggest destination is provided by the rather obvious Tmo branding on the devices rear. Outside of a few variations of the Grand X to this newly magenta clad V970T it is expected to not change much internally. Speaker and camera placement have been altered a bit and the details of the filing show this new handset will come with a 1 GHz dual core MediaTek processor, a 4.3 inch touch screen and a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera. The remaining, un-told specifications can most likely be found already living in the Grand X LTE but in just a few short weeks we should know all we need to on this new device!

Anyone interested in the Grand X on TMO? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new smart phone. Also before you run, be sure to check out all the best in ZTE accessories here.

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