The ZTE Grand X LTE To Launch Across Asia and Europe

If you have never heard of ZTE, chances are you will in the near future. The company has been making quality handsets and tablets for a while now and there is a good chance you have owned on in the past. Recently the manufacturer has produced the likes of Sprint’s budget friendly 7 inch Optik tablet, the Metro PCS based Score, and even gave the Sprint their own working iPhone back in 2010, kind of. While you may have heard of these options the company’s available options reach a lot further overseas and today that reach gets a little bit longer with the likes of the Grand X LTE.

The ZTE Grand X LTE sounds like it could be the end all be all in smart phones, but unfortunately…it is not. The device packs in some amazing specs and will surely have affordability on its side but it also clocks in an industry first. The Grand X uses a single MSM8960 chip for LTE connectivity, as “When compared to most phone models available in the marketplace, the single-chip model is faster and more energy efficient”. But judging by the pictures, Grand X seems to have a personality disorder. It thinks it’s an HTC One up front, but around back it’s all Samsung. But no matter what devices you think the Grand X looks like, it is here to offer you some high powered computing, this assuming you live in Europe or Asia. The ZTE Grand X LTE will be launched throughout Europe and Asia Pacific in Quarter 3 of 2012, which in other words means soon. So what can you expect from this new device? While all the details on this new flagship are unknown, we do know it will come packing in an 8 mega pixel camera that can do tricks like auto focus, geo tag and zoom. This same camera can also record video in full 1080p HD. An unspecified front facing camera will support 720p HD for video calling, or whatever you kids are calling it now a days. Power for the Grand X will be provided by a rather large 1900 mAh battery. Processing power for the Grand X aka T82 will get its go from the likes of a 1.5 GHz dual core CPU. The Grand X will also pack in WI-Fi connectivity and run with the likes of Android version 4.0. Unfortunately, the Grand X buck stops there. Further details on the new Grand X have been left blank but its launch is close at hand.

It should be pointed out that ZTE noted moving forward the Grand series of devices will serve as the companies “high-end flagship offerings this year”. So? Anyone interested? Do you see the likes of Samsung, or HTC in the Grand X LTE? Sound off in the comments below and remember guys, the best in ZTE accessories are here.

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