The ZTE Fury Adds some Family Ferocity to the Now Network

ZTE is one of those companies that you think you may have heard of a some point, but your just not really sure. They manufacture some awesome handsets that usually get branded by the carrier they are found roaming on. Recently the company has pumped out the likes of the Virgin Mobile potentials, the Chaser and Venture as well as the super affordable ZTE Optik 7 inch tabletthat is currently offering up an excellent tablet option on the Now Network. While Sprint and ZTE get close with the announcement of the Optik, it seems that a new ZTE device is set to release its Fury on the black and yellow carrier.

Back in late February, the all things Now Network website, got their hands on some internal documents showing off the ZTE Fury in all its affordable glory. While the original leakage only showed off the devices price, a one sided rendering and a short list of specs. This week SprintFeed was back at it exposing the most important question. When. While it shall be taken with some salt and surely not written in stone the ZTE Fury is slated for March 11th release date. So what can you expect? Well if you’re interested in how it sounds on paper, this may not be for you. The specs sit in the mid to entry level market range and its price is second only to free feature phones. The ZTE Fury’s original price, you know the outright price is set at $219.99, after a new two year vow into Sprints hand you’ll get $150 bucks knocked off, after a $50 dollar mail in rebate you’re looking at decent handset from ZTE for just $19.99. But what can you expect? Well actually a lot compared to its opening price. The ZTE Fury starts with the power of Android version 2.3 and puts it in bed with a single core 1GHz processor. Behind that, 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage expandable microSD memory while not leaked are surely expected. Around back the ZTE Fury houses a 5 mega pixel camera that will surely have video capabilities and quite possibly an LED flash to match. Unfortunately that is where the buck stops on this newcomer. While it may not read like you want it to, this combination of price and specs could turn out to be one of the best starter smart phones on the market.

Update* In the process of writing about the new leak, Sprint took it upon themselves to official out the family orientated ZTE Fury. Its 3.5 inch touch screen carries a 480×320 pixel resolution and its 1GHz chipset is specifically a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor. While it does not carry 4G connectivity it does indeed to 3G and can also be used as a hotspot device. Also the Fury comes embedded with Sprint ID. Release date is also confirmed for March 11th.

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