The ZTE Force Appears on Internal Now Network Documents


The ZTE Force LTE set to bring affordable LTE awesomeness to the palms of Now Network subscribers. ZTE and the yellow clad carrier Sprint are buddies! The two team up all the time to bring affordable handsets and tablets to the masses and it looks like we have a bit of insight on a new handset from the dynamic duo. As Sprint continues to roll out its LTE connectivity across the country it is also continuously adding new and exciting LTE compatible devices to its lineup. Most recently the carrier pulled in the ZTE Flash, aka the Sprint Flash to bulk up its LTE equipped offerings. Today new details of the next Sprint ready LTE device have surfaced to the top of the interwebs.

Meet the ZTE Force, possibly known in the future as the Sprint Force? This morning Engadget got its hands on a juicy screen shot of an internal Sprint document that will assist its sales personal on how to sell this handset to you in 60 seconds flat! If not, it’s free of charge, and you’ll get a dominos pizza. But that’s just hearsay. But what can we really expect from this new smart phone? According to the leaky document the Force will come equipped with a mid range of specs that start with the likes of Android version 4.0. Internally the Force will use an un-specified 1.5 GHz dual core processor that will work alongside its 1 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of ROM. Additionally the Force is to come packing a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera with an additional front facing shooter that uses a 1 mega pixel sensor. Its screen is said to measure in at 4 inches and be protected by the likes of Corning’s, Gorilla Glass. The ZTE Force will also come with the likes of a 1730 mAh battery and a super low price point. The document states that the handset will launch on the first of March and run you about $49.99, this of course only after you sign the next two years of your life away and mail in a rebate. So a new 4G LTE handset is born, our only question is can we take its helmet off? Looking at the picture at a glance we see a simple, bulky looking slate style smart phone. However as our eyes veer toward the bottom and top portions of the phone it looks to us as if this phone has a case applied? Also is that a slight embossment on its right side of a shutter button? Who knows, but time surely will tell.

If there are any Sprint customers out there looking for a decent 4G LTE affordable handset your pool of choices just got one device deeper. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new ZTE Sprint FORCE! And remember that the best in Sprint accessories can be found here.

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