ZTE 5.7 Inch Grand Memo To Debut At MWC?




Are you amused by oversized smartphone? Well it looks like there’s no end in sight! It may be hard to pin point the exact model that brought the oversized smartphone idea into existence, (streak 7?) it’s pretty easy to see who and what made it popular. Thanks Samsung. Since the Note and Note II have been on a hot streak many of Sammy’s competitors have followed suit, from HTC, to Sony, LG, Huawei and ZTE they are all falling in line with the new niche. The latest oversized smartphone hit the press reel is the ZTE Grand Memo, and its huge!

ZTE is not necessarily a well known company, but the chances you have owned a carrier branded ZTE phone are pretty high. In the recent news the company stated they are going to make a push to provide the world with some of their awesomeness without the carrier branding. CES has come and gone but ZTE was seen showing off their new oversized wares in the form of the Grand S. The Grand S indeed classifies for the oversized market measuring in with a 5 inch touch screen, ZTE thought they could go bigger and the Grand Memo was born. The ZTE Grand Memo was originally leaked back in early January and it looks as if the 5.7 incher will make its debut at the forth coming MWC convention in Barcelona. With its debut scheduled for the convention, that didn’t stop ZTE from showing it off at an event in Hong Kong recently. The Grand Memo is indeed a monster sized phone that offers up a 5.7 inch screen with a 720p pixel resolution. Internally it is said to run with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chip set that will work at 1.7 GHz. Around back a 13 mega pixel camera embedded into its 8mm thin body. It also packs in expandable microSD memory options and runs the likes of Android 4.1.2. While these details are said not to be set in stone, as the recent Grand Memo that made a public appearance was not final, however, it’s likely the bulk of these details will stay the same.

Anyone interested in a 5.7 inch handset? For reference the Note II has a 5.5 inch screen. It will be interesting to see the future of phablets! Sound off below and let us know what you think. Also, ZTE accessories for all.

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