Your Motorola Droid cannot support Hotspot technology

Recently Androids newest OS version 2.2 has been making rounds to the usual suspects. Within this week the EVO and the original Droid should be seeing Android 2.2 or Froyo updates. However within the mists of these updates comes some sad news for the owners of the original Motorola Droid.

With the Droid expecting an update to Android OS version 2.2 or Froyo this week, a little tid bit of information has surfaced about the Motorola Droids capabilities. The Froyo update will give certain devices the ability to be used as a mobile hot spot. The technology would allow the user to use their phone as a mobile ‘modem’ providing wireless data to anything that tethers itself to it. This is an amazingly helpful function that in some cases provides full in home internet services to some users. However, recently Brenda Raney a spokes person for Verizon has gone on record telling that the original Motorola Droid simply does not have the necessary hardware to accomplish such a feat. Raney was quoted saying “doesn’t have [the] hardware to support the mobile hotspot” in regard to the Droid that started it all. The idea of hotspot functionality is at the forefront of Verizon’s new ad campaign, as is a slew of new Droids. The Droid X is currently making its rounds, and the Droid 2 will be on its way in the near future.

Is this reality? Is the original Droid missing some needed hardware to establish this hotspot feature or could this simply be a strategic point, made by Verizon to simply urge you to by a new device? Depending on who you talk to hotspot technology from a handheld is not a must for their new phones, but the option to use it weighs in heavily.

Tell us what you think, are you a Droid user?

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