Yahoo! To Androids

If you’re like me and forgot about your Yahoo account after the invite to Gmail came around then it may have been awhile since you logged into Yahoo. But if you’re an Android user you will now have the ability to see how much spam has built up in your Yahoo account over the years.

Yahoo! announced today that they have launched their official messenger and mail application for the Android market place. Yahoo! has been in the news lately with their contact sync installed onto the new Blackberry OS as well as helping Nokia with OVI mail. So it seems as if Yahoo! is on a mobile tear. If you are a smart phone user and you are still using a yahoo mail account you can now get your mail in a tidy little app that Yahoo! released today. The new Yahoo! email app will support attachments, text editing, the ability to create drafts, folders, and you can even mark an email as spam. You will now be able to search messages, by their recipient, sender, subject or even keywords.

These features seem very mundane and already available via other various third party apps, the real difference here is that app is official. Within the launch Yahoo! focused on HTML5 compatibility for their news as well as email, this will prove to be considerably helpful for the non-flash operating iphone users.  

The good news here is Yahoo news will be suitable for your iphone, but it seems that maybe Yahoo was a little late with this.

Do you still use a Yahoo account? Most people I talk to use Yahoo for their front page news only,

Go download the app from the Android market place and let us know what you think of the new official Yahoo! app.

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