iPhone 4 launched at WWDC today

We have all anticipated the WWDC conference held by the empire Apple in San Francisco. Well the wait is over and we all got what we were expecting, at least to a particular degree. Steve Jobs has announced the launch of their new iPhone 4 which is more than enough for most of us.

With about 100 new features to the iPhone 4 the device will be avalible to the market on 6/24/10 and will be selling for $199 in the 16 GB version. Some of the more notable updates to the iPhone include a larger battery, higher resolution screen, front facing camera an HD photo and video camera as well a Gyroscope for enhanced rotation. The iPhone 4 comes with a complete upgrade in design and ascetic and claims to be 24% thinner than its predecessor 3Gs. The phones design is indeed exactly how it was leaked to the public in the past, sporting a newer more industrial design and Steve Jobs stating that the iPhone 4 is “thinnest smart phone on the planet.” The improvements to the iPhones screen are stated as being 4 times better than that of the 3Gs, displaying 326 pixels per inch. The iPhone 4 is boasting battery life improvements as well, giving the user up to 7 hours of talk time on one full charge which isn’t too much of an upgrade considering the 3Gs would pull up to 5 hours of talk. With that being said Apple has also announced the iMovie application for the model as well as HD video and photo capturing which will drain this battery down to nil in no time flat. The only mention of the leaked pictures of the iPhone 4 comes from Steve saying “A lot of you have already seen this,” then adding “believe me, you ain’t seen it.” Good ol Steve always has a thing or two up his sleeve and with the keynote from today has answered a many questions about the designs of the leaked pictures. The iPhone 4 will be sporting the already announced Iphone 4.0 operating system which as of today has been dubbed by the man himself as  “iOS 4” ( which Cisco has agreed to license to Apple).  With the keynote it has been announced the long awaited iOS 4 will be available for 3G, and 3GS sometime this summer.

Well tell us what you think, is the Iphone 4 what you expected, were you let down?

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