WP7 October for Europe November for U.S.

Recently the anticipation of WP7 has been killing most that are interested. It seems like every other day there is a new “leak” or bit of information regarding the details of WP7, and today is no different. WP7 will be known as the savior to Microsoft’s mobile operation, this is assuming it ever actually launches.

In a recent presentation on WP7 Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner slipped in a little information about WP7’s launch. In the midst of this presentation Turner stated that Apples new iPhone 4 might be the companies Vista. When the presentation was seem by the masses it seems that is the only thing they heard. This morning in a post by Engadget, they remind us that there was some other information to be heard in the presentation. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C.,  Mr. ‘stache’ Turner not only pointed out the big “fail” laid out by his company in Vista but also mentioned some details in regard to WP7’s launch. In regard to WP7 Turner stated, “in the October timeframe and the November timeframe, October likely across Europe and November likely across the U.S. we’re back in this game.” This time frame comes as a little more clear than any other information known about the OS’s release. Other information about the release pointed to the “holidays” and did not get into much more detail. So be on the lookout for WP7 to hit in November or as early as October if you are in Europe.

Looks like we have some more waiting to do, but with the likes of HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG and Asus making these phones available upon release day it is looking like it might be worth the wait.

Interested in WP7? Let us know your take on Microsoft’s new venture into the mobile sector.

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