Windows Phone 7 will link with Xbox live for multi-player gaming

The anticipation of the new WP7 devices is growing as the days go by and with bits of information like this; it is surely for good reason. Since the announcement that Microsoft would be starting to rebuild their mobile operating system, the hardcore gamers have been clamoring about Xbox integration. Well quite you’re clamoring folks, it’s confirmed!

Recently at Microsoft’s X’10 event in Toronto Canada, RGBFilter was lucky enough to get some pretty impressive info out of Greg Milligan who is a Mobility Solutions Manager at Microsoft. The impressive info? Well WP7 and real time multiplayer Xbox action of course. Excited? I know I’ am. With the recent announcement of Xbox Lives’ support for Windows Phone 7 in mind, Milligan shows off his LG WP7 device to RGBFilter and then proceeds to get into some amazing details about the Xbox Live integration. Milligan simply confirms they are working on real time phone to console gaming and it will be making its way to a WP7 device soon. Milligan also lets the world know that some “mini” games available on the phone will allow further functionality for the games on the console. Currently WP7 devices will interact via “turn by turn” but ohh what the future holds. Other really cool stuff found within this video is the Xbox Live avatar tile, when looking at your Xbox Live “tile” you see your avatar, if one of your friends on Xbox Live wanted to challenge you, you would then see their avatar poke its head out and proclaim your suckyness in regard to whatever game they are challenging you to.

As an avid gamer and a cell phone junkie, I’m surely excited. How about you? Is WP7 starting to look better to you as more and more information comes out? Check out RGBFliters interview below, and then comment.

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