Not all WP7 Smartphones Secretly Pack microSD Slots

Speculation arose last week about how many WP7 smartphones could have their internal storage upgraded when HTC’s HD7 smartphone was revealed to rely on a hidden, swappable microSD card for its internal storage. Unfortunately that is not the case for HTC’s 7 Trophy or Samsung’s Omnia 7. EverythingWM completed a teardown of these two models and has concluded that no microSD card is present. A microSD card might be providing their internal storage, but if it is, it is not in a place someone can get to without some serious work.

This certainly has to come as a disappointment to many looking at Windows Phone 7 smartphones as an option this holiday season. Most WP7 models are in the 8 or 16 GB storage range and lack microSD card support. In an era with 16 GB internal storage becoming commonplace and 32 GB microSD support a standard, you have to wonder why. Are manufacturers trying to get these models out at acceptable price points while abiding by Microsoft’s demand for all of their smartphones to have 480 x 800 QVGA resolution touchscreens? Food for thought.

Smartphones that run WP7 have ROMs (read only memory) in them that store the actual operating system. Swapping out the microSD card that provides the internal storage in the HD7 requires nothing more than another microSD card lying around and some tinkering. You don’t have to load anything onto the card first or format it for the device. We will have to wait and see if manufacturers start going with what HTC did in the HD7, but it certainly would be an interesting idea. They could cut down on the cost of putting in a more expensive internal storage technology. Users who want to eventually have more storage could then just swap out the card themselves at their leisure.

Interested in having the ability to upgrade your storage yourself? Think the makers should just stop skimping and give us both internal storage and expandable storage? On the other hand, hiding microSD card slots for storage in devices is a really, really easy way for them to offer more expensive models with more storage…how much do you really think it costs a company like HTC to put in an 32 GB microSD card instead of an 8 GB one?

Let me know your thoughts.

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