WP7 Leaks continue with HTC’s Mozart

The leaks keep on coming and were not calling a plumber. Recently we have seen a small barrage of WP7 leaks. From the most recent Samsung leak, to a WP7 Asus device showing face and even a LG’s WP7 made an appearance. So what we have today is HTC’s Mozart in all its glory, ok well maybe not all its glory but some pictures and little details.

HTC’s Mozart has shown face with some pretty good leaked photos. The HTC Mozart shows off some very unique attributes and is surely pleasing to the eye. When looking at the unit we see that the back has a rather larger camera lens and flash and it comes apart in multiple parts. The body of the unit shows to have multiple materials within its build and some of the parts are a “rubberized” plastic while the base or main part of the back is seemingly metal. The battery is similar to other designs in the past in which it slides out from the base of the unit. Looking at the device some question as to why the section surrounding the camera can be removed. I personally think it’s functional as I clean the dust from the inside of my phone all the time. The details on the device are indeed scarce as of right now, however the source of the leak has posted some additional details of his findings. The battery in the unit is a 1400 mAh battery and the Micro USB charging port is located on the side of the Mozart. There is no micro SD card slot, which is assumed as this is a build requirement set out by Microsoft. The leaked Mozart has a standard SIM module, leading to GSM service. An obvious uni-body design and sports stock WP7 with no HTC hindrance. The source goes on to note that the unit is very fast, responsive and shows to have great battery life.

So there it is in all its glory, the HTC Mozart, what do you guys think?

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