WP7 HTC HD7 to hit abroad mid October

WP7 is slowly bubbling to the surface and as the days go by more bubbles pop at the top of the bucket. The HD7 which was originally pronounced HD3 was renamed to honor its fresh new operating system WP7. Earlier this month the name change and potential October 18th release date were spotted by Engadget on an internal document from the UK based carrier O2 and it looks like further confirmation has been spotted.

The HD7 has been spotted once before in Q2 internal documents as well as Vodafone and the US branch of T-Mobile, so we know it’s on its way. However, additional documents from O2 Germany show the device in ink again. The newest leak shows the HD7 slated for a mid October timeframe almost set in stone. This leak comes to the world via wmpoweruser.com and even goes as far as putting a price tag on the HD7. The document lists the HD7 at €79 about $103 with a two year contract at about €20 a month which translates to $ 26 bucks. Or you will be able to simply pick the HD7 up for €599 which is $781. So start your saving as the HD7 is on the way.

Other than these two leaks of the HD7 there is really not much in the way of leaks or other details. It seems that the folks over at Microsoft are doing everything they can to keep a lid on this device. While the time frame and even pricing for that matter are not definitive, the information does not seem that far off. All of the leaked information surrounding the HD7 launch certainly coincides with Microsoft’s projected launch time has been the “holiday season” since day one. So surely this information couldn’t be that far off, or could it?

Are you excited to see Microsoft’s new HD7? Interested in what WP7 has in store?

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