WP7 Powered HTC HD7: You Can Change the Embedded microSD Card


The new HD7 smartphone from HTC uses a microSD card for its internal stroage, but it is replaceable. The existence of the use of microSD for internal storage in the HD7 was first revealed by wmpowerusers.com in late September via a leaked spec sheet for the device. While leaked document only mentioned a non-removable, 8 GB microSD card for the EU release of the HD7, the European version is now packing 16 GB. The US version? Only 8 GB.

Other WP7 smartphones come with 16 GB of storage and the HD7 can use 16 GB of storage in other markets so it would make sense that the HD7 in the US is theoretically capable of running with more space. Unwired put a preproduction HD7 from HTC to a test and swapped out its 8 GB microSD card for a different 8 GB microSD card. The result? After a few resets and a reseating of the card, it worked. The HD7 booted up and worked just fine. WP7 smartphones rely on heft 1 GB ROMs to store their operating system and replacing the microSD card is akin to swapping out a hard drive that is just used to store files unrelated to actually running the device.

No word yet on the possibility of a 16 GB or even 32 GB microSD card running inside the HD7 yet, but keep your fingers crossed. The process of swapping out the sealed microSD card is more technical than just popping out one that is meant to be changed, but quite doable. I’m quite sure that it will void your warrant however.

Since the HTC’s HD7 is a WP7 smartphone, it would make sense that other manufacturers and models are all secretly hiding away microSD slots. It will take some testing to confirm or deny it, but the possibilities are quite interesting. Now Microsoft needs to hurry up and give the OS copy and paste. The January update is kind of far away and the holiday season will be vital to Microsoft’s success with WP7.

The changeable microSD slot just catch your interest? WP7 getting a little more attractive now that at least one device is confirmed to have user upgradeable storage? Like that all the WP7 smartphones are so similar? Want a little more variety or like that Microsoft is mandating minimum specs to keep the user experience a good one? Let me know below.

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