WP7 HD7 gets exposed


The HD7 is growing on the industry; the elusive HD7 has been put through the rumor mill numerous times, just to be spit back out without even a glimpse of its actual workings. By now most under wraps models get pictured shortly after its specs are exposed. But not the HD7 from HTC it is surely being played close to the chest like Bruce Wayne’s government contracts. However, today brings the world a little glimpse of the HD7 to the world and what it may offer to you.

The HD7 is pictured/ drawn above and looks to be familiar. Wmpoweruser.com has gotten there mitts on these “schematics” and I for one am impressed. The HD7 is to be the refresh or update to the HD2 which found much fame and glory on Windows mobile. First seen as the HTC HD3 the HD7 was presumably renamed in honor of its yet to be issued new WP7 OS. Fitting as it seems, looking at these pics it looks like HTC only took it that far. The drawings above instantly remind me of the HTC Evo, the profile pic to the far right is what sparks that for me. However, some details point to the likeliness as well, considering its 4.3 in screen, camera placement and dual LED, the tab in the top left corner of the back door is also extremely similar. Other details point to the small break about a quarter down on the back of the device, could that be a kickstand? Micro USB port and 3.5 input show to be placed at the bottom of the device, which is similar to its predecessor the HD2. While there not pictures, we will take what we can get on the HD7 at this point.

Tell us what you think, is this the real HD7? Are you impressed? Want to see more? I surely do!

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