Windows Phone 7 shows up on At&t in store materials

There has been a lot of hype lately surrounding the new power that Microsoft is set to release in the mobile industry. However there has been little information about the where’s and the when’s. Meaning what carrier will the new WP7 phone be issued to first and when exactly will it reveal itself.

If the picture posted here and making its way around the internet is to be believed then the day of WP7 just might be upon us. The paper that is pictured is essentially a display guideline for management at your local At&t stores. This “card” or paper is indicating that the store will be set to get these new banners for displays and would need to redesign its stores with the material. Looking closely at the picture you will notice that the last set is a quantity of 6 of WP7 display banners. It is highly unlikely that this quantity represents 6 new WP7 models and is most likely representing at least two different models. The picture comes to the rumor mill via Engadget and seems to be very reliable. Information provided to Engadget states that these “cards” or similar marketing material can be issued very early, saying that these cards have been seen issued in July while the phones are slated for September releases. Even if this is the cases it seems that WP7 may be right on time.

So it looks like we have our first piece of material for the WP7 phones and if the information in regard to the time frame on this material is to be correct we could very well see a new WP7 phone sooner than expected.

Lets keep our fingers crossed as WP7 is sure to impress!

Tell us what you think of WP7 at this point; is WP7 the new OS for you? Or will Microsoft be wasting their time?

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