WP7 Apps Are a Coming–736 Online Right Now

Microsoft’s coming Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Marketplace has a lot to live up to. Competitors like iOS and Android have apps numbering in the hundreds of thousands already and WP7 smartphones are not even on the market yet. Without a successful market for apps, the platform could die before it even gets off the ground. Fortunately, developers are hard at work to make sure that when your new WP7 smartphone finally arrives, you’ll have something to do on it besides just make calls and send text messages.

As of my rough calculations this morning from Microsoft’s WP7 Market—I may be off by ten or so—there are currently 736 apps currently available for download on the platform. Okay, almost 1/10 of the way to BlackBerry’s App World store, but a far cry from the offerings that the rest of WP7’s competitors have. A quick jot through the available titles both warms my heart with hope and causes me to worry. Not about how many apps are available, but at the wildly levels of quality separating some of them.

For $4.99 you can purchase ‘Star Wars: Battle for Hoth’. An Xbox Live enabled WP7 app, Star Wars has pretty good ratings on the site right now. The game play is addictive and the graphics are beautiful. This is exactly the kind of app that Microsoft needs right now.

On the other hand, ‘Pull My Finger’ is going for $0.99. The app does exactly what you would think. And the worst part? I already counted half a dozen ‘Fart’ apps out there too and other, similarly useless drivel.

Of course, big titles like ‘Flight Control’, ‘The Harvest’ and ‘Foursquare’ are present as well. The only problem is, to get to the apps you want, you’ll have to slog through a bunch of nonsense. I had hoped Microsoft would grab a page out of Apple’s book and try to keep the app quality up but alas, no. How well the idea to keep the marketplace open like this remains to be seen.

So what do you think? WP7 users will have the social media apps they need at launch, and plenty of big games are already out or on their way. However, the amateurish and ridiculous are mixed in as well. Xbox Live connectivity for WP7 will certainly help things, but we’ll have to wait and see how long this developer support remains. So far, it looks like only the big publishers are putting out most of stuff we actually want to buy.

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