WP7’s App market will be censored for the easily offended

Windows phone 7 is surely on the rise and is making some headway into the market. The manufacturers have been chosen, the networks seemingly narrowed down and the developers are hard at work building up the marketplace for a proper entry into the world. Recently however Microsoft has issued developer “guidelines” and it looks as if they are following Apples standards (who’s not at this point), at least to a point.

Microsoft will indeed have a dedicated group of employees scanning and checking into pretty much every app that hits its market place. If you don’t make your app to their standard and or within their guidelines, it’s back to the drawing board for you (or to the Android market). The set of standards and particulars if you’re interested can all be found here windowsteamblog.com/Windows_Phone/b/wpdev.  In short the new market place can only house wholesome non violent and non provocative apps. A part of the standards reads “Not allowed: sex/nudity – images that are sexually suggestive or provocative.”  Feel how you want about the X rated stuff in the market place, were probably all better off without it in there, and obviously you would not need an app to find this content, considering the whole internet thing.

No violent games either…which makes me sad. Not that I’m ultra violent or anything, it just adds that sense of realism to the game when there is a large splat of blood covering the wall behind where your headshot victim once stood. The set of standards surrounding WP7’s market place is easily summed up with this excerpt “Not allowed: realistic or gratuitous violence, including depictions of…decapitation, impaling, blood splatter/blood spurting/blood pooling…guns/weapons pointed towards user/audience.”  Well that is surely not fun, maybe victims of the games operator can spew rainbow colored blood like we have seen in the past.

Surely WP7 has seemingly locked out a particular group of users that would have potentially been interested, and no I’m not talking about the porn lovers. Gamers like blood, its realistic; it makes a game more fun in some circumstances. And surely the question is, can’t an adult make these decisions on their own…guess they have to make an mobile OS first.

Sound off, does WP7’s iron hand over there app market disappoint you?

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