WP7 Commercial: Are you impressed?

WP7 coming out of Microsoft is surely an anticipated operating system. More than that, most of us interested are more concerned with what the OS means to the future of Windows Mobile. If WP7 flops, I’m pretty sure that Microsoft will be ok, at least for awhile. However, given the strong presence of mobile computing within the technology industry, Microsoft better hope this WP7 thing blows up. Microsoft has started the official hype just recently with a video of a WP7 device making its way across a sunny dessert, showing to be an illusion up until its reveal toward the last 20 seconds of the video.

The short video was published as a trailer or advertisement before the Secret Cinema showing of Lawrence of Arabia. The short advertisement seemingly strategically placed in regard to the movie showing seems to be somewhat of a letdown. Why you ask? Well it was reported that Microsoft was to spend an upward of 500 Million dollars on their marketing campaign for WP7. Now I know this is the first piece to come out of the WP7 marketing department, it just seems a little disappointing. While there are no details and or facts to be unearthed from the commercial, the commercial shows a WP7 device as a mirage getting closer to the forefront toward the end of the video. All things considered, it seems like a good way to build anticipation, with the Windowsphone7.Com steering those who are interested to the interactive website. If you would like a “virtual” hands on experience with a WP7 device surely hit there site as this is the closest demo us end users would get to have. So check it out and cue the very relaxing and mood altering music that loads on the site.

What do you think of the first commercial from Microsoft surrounding WP7? Did it keep you intrigued? Were you interested in knowing more? Did the video make you check out the site as it did me? Sound off and let us know what you think of WP7’s first commercial.

Check the video below and correct me if im wrong but that drum line sounds familiar — Apple’s Garageband loops?

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