WP7 grows wings and leaves the nest

Microsoft has been building a new operating system, in case you were not aware it is called WP7 or Windows Phone 7.  The new OS is highly anticipated and has already shown off some of what it can do. Say play Xbox Live games turn by turn and in real time in the near future. Gaming aside folks Microsoft has started the process of getting WP7 to you by the holidays. The interwebs have gotten exploited some information that almost puts a time frame stamp on the release of the OS.

The information solicited to BGR basically states that the finalized version of WP7 is finished and is currently on its way to the manufacturers. The email from Microsoft states “The operating system has been finalized and is being delivered to partners around the world who will continue the work of integrating software with their hardware and networks to create amazing devices for customers by holiday season 2010.”  The Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Engineering Terry Myerson went on to say that the new WP7 has been tested and that “We are ready”, well so are we.

So if you have been tagging along in the great adventures of WP7 then you should know that Asus, Dell, Samsung, HTC, and LG will all be making WP7 devices, and with today’s news those companies should be expecting some mail today.

But will WP7 be a hit? Microsoft is reportedly ready to spend nearly a half a billion dollars on the marketing campaign and are ready to launch the units right around the time consumers’ pockets are turning out spending – the holidays – but will the new OS be a success, will the “tiled” form factor make the OS a burden to anyone who has ever used an iPhone or an Android? Does the UI look too used and boring for what’s in the market now? How will it compare? I know I’m surely interested to take a look at it, but how about you? Are you interested in WP7?

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