Official WordPress App Hits Version 1.3 on BlackBerry

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) has just released version 1.7 of the official WordPress blogging software for its BlackBerry line of smartphones and update does actually bring some new features with it. You are now able to manually set video sizes when using the VideoPress service, you have the option to load more than just the past 100 comments, comments can now be loaded by status, a text formatting toolbar has finally been implemented, general improvements to the stats section are now here, comment details are editable, a word count feature has finally made its appearance, and better resizing support for photos has been included.

The new version is available on the BlackBerry App World as a free download and it is compatible with WordPress blogs running version 2.7 or higher. Or if you prefer, simply swing your BlackBerry browser over here; and install it.

While there have been no radical changes with the new version, it is nice to see that RIM still has a number of loyal app developers who have faith in the company. The release of BlackBerry App World 2.0 should bring a surge of new developers, and until it is released, RIM needs to hold onto everyone that it has. After all, in today’s market a smartphone is not much without apps to extend its functionality. Our phones have become small computers, and we need to start treating them like what they are. An unholy alliance between cellular technology and super-charged calculators that easily outclass computers made less than ten years ago.

Do you ever use the BlackBerry WordPress App on your BlackBerry? Will you be updating? Let me know what you think about the new version once you install it, and if it is really worth trying to edit or write blogs via a smartphone.

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