Charging your device wirelessly may not be a dream any longer

In the world of smartphones and super mobile devices, there is always that one “I wish”. Most wish for a certain app, and then BAM it becomes available. Some wish for a certain functionality and then BAM a software update makes it possible. But something I have been dreaming about for years, is about to go BAM, and I could not be happier.

When you think of a wireless device you think of, say your smartphone or even a laptop. But how wireless are they really? You need to plug them into the wall eventually or you simply will not be doing anything with your favorite mobile toy. In efforts to make the wireless industry truly wireless, an industry group named Qi is implementing and has created a finalized standard for wireless charging. And I could not be happier. The idea behind Qi’s plan is to implement such technology as to what you would find on a powermat, and or Palms touch stone. One would not be concerned with cord management and simply needs to put the device down on the “mat” to charge the device. On a Qi charging pad however the rules change, with any mobile device simply plop it down on the mat and instantaiously you will be charging the device via 5 watts of power. The technology already enlisted in the world of wireless charging, i.e. Powermats, or the Touch Stone require either a special battery in Palms case, or a special case for the phone itself in the Powermats case. Qi wants to rid these exceptions, where there “mat” will charge any phone put onto their charging pads. By implementing there set of “standards” of wireless charging to the phone manufacturer’s users would be able to charge any phone on the Qi pad. The idea is that the manufacturers can simply implement these standards into the design and build of their new phones. This making the Qi standard capable of charging any device, with no special case or battery needed.

Hopefully this takes off, and we see more new phones with the Qi branding as this is surely the next paradigm in the Mobile industry. Outside of 2.0 GHz processors in mobiles (I can wish right).

Tell us what you think, is it about time someone stepped up and did this?

Or do you like cable fishing every time you need a charge.

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