Windows Phone Live will remotely wipe and sync for you

Just yesterday we ran a piece on the new Blackberry Protect feature that should be arriving to a Blackberry near you in the future. The project went from Blackberry “Shield” to Blackberry “Protect” and is an amazing way of remotely protecting your phone in the case of it going missing and or being stolen.

Today news out of the Microsoft camp is stating that they have also joined the “protect” world and will be offering up a remote wipe of their new Windows Phone 7 devices should they ever arrive. In case you are un-familiar with remote wipe, let me briefly explain. A remote wipe generally speaking is program that will essentially lock up your device from anywhere in the world and or completely “wipe” the device clean of any data or private information that may have been saved on the device.  Andy Lees the Sr. VP of Mobile Communications Business for Microsoft has mentioned today at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, that an all new Windows Phone Live website for the new WP7 phones will be launching by the end of this year. The details of the site are essentially broken down into utilitys. The site gives users the ability to sync their phones, transferring photos, contacts and most likely any other saved data that can be found on the phone. The new site also provides the user with a set of tools for managing their phone as well as remotely wiping it in the event of a security breach. From this section of the Windows Phone Live website, you would be able to wipe the phone, lock the phone, locate the phone and or my favorite make it constantly ring until either found and or you drive a thief out of their minds. Hopefully you can pick what ring tone is played!

So is Windows following suite with Blackberry on this, or is Blackberry just ahead of the game as always?

You tell us, sound off below.

I feel like this option should be available to all cell phone users.

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