Windows Phone 7; “The First Phone designed to get you what you need and get you back to what matters”

Oh boy the new Windows Phone 7 is on its way. We have seen a barrage of leaks, pictures and all kinds of other information surrounding the new OS. In the past we have seen one “official” commercial that aired before a special showing of the movie Lawrence of Arabia. The commercial showed really nothing of the device and left more to gossip about than anything else. Recently however, two WP7 commercials have shown up and they are trying to get you away from your phone, by simply displaying all you need to see on their infamous “tiles”.

The two videos posted below, show off the WP7 Mondrian which will be made available to At&t as the commercial suggests. The first of the two videos, show a very numb Blackberry user stuck at the coffee line presumably clicking through hell and high water to get the information he needs. Not so likely, however the second commercial truly depicts mobile life as we know it today. Many users are sol caught up in what their phone can offer or simply the information it brings you they forget about what’s going on around them. Then proceed to run into people, fall down stairs, get karate kicked and even get a baseball tossed at their head. That’s real life, don’t believe me? Look around, you’ll see it. But the question here is can Windows Phone 7 and its new Tiles’ really change that?

“Less Stop and Stare, more glance and Go”. Sound like Windows is surely trying to make your mobile world available right on your home screen; I love the idea and can’t wait to see how it really plays out. Take a gander at the videos below and the new HTC Mondrian let us know what you think of the whole thing!


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