Windows Phone 7 to Allow Mac Syncing and Getting Update in January

Good news for Macintosh owners interested in getting a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Microsoft has sent out a statement that says that later this year they will start rolling out support for syncing a device running Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to Mac. That is not all either. Rumors about Microsoft also adding new features to the brand new WP7 OS in January are also out there.

But wait! Don’t all Macintosh owners dress in black turtlenecks, sip Starbucks and FaceTime on their iPhone 4s? Not quite. They might have been forced to not use Zune music players because Microsoft never let Zunes connect to their PCs, but with the way the first batch of WP7 devices are looking, Mac owners might not have to go Apple all the way. It is about time Microsoft stopped pretending that Mac owners don’t play music or use smartphones.

Regarding Microsoft adding features to WP7 in January, it has been confirmed that the platform will be getting copy and paste in early 2011. Did you forget that this was Microsoft? Only they would release an OS that lacked copy and paste in 2010. I feel like quoting Homer Simpson: “D’oh!” How did that get past the huge WP7 team Microsoft is always bragging about? Jeeze. Dumb stuff like this is part of the reason why Microsoft has been marginalized in the smartphone market.

However, tipster/leaker MS_Nerd has posted to Twitter that the “Early 2011” update does indeed refer to January. He also says that the same update bringing copy and paste will also add turn by turn navigation, Windows Live Skydrive support, and app-switching multitasking. While there is no way right now to confirm what MS_Nerd is saying, he has been right before in the past and seems to have some pretty decent sources.

Microsoft has already invested so much in WP7 that it would be foolish for them not to have their own GPS software or multitasking. The Skydrive support also sounds very nice. In case you are unfamiliar with Skydrive, it is Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs. I have used it before in the past and from my experience, it works better than Google Docs. It can also act as a huge cloud-based hard drive.

Anyone use a Mac and planning on getting a WP7 phone? Thinking Microsoft looks foolish for not having copy and paste already in WP7? Let me know what you think.

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