LG Windows Phone 7 LG E900 ready for Vodafone


In recent news WP7 devices have been popping up more and more, this makes complete sense considering the dawn of WP7 is upon us. The manufacturers that are getting the chance to pump out WP7 devices include LG, HTC, Dell (who is still in the game), Asus, and Samsung. LG’s new WP7 device the E900 has been spotted in the wild and seemingly shows off a little more than what we have seen in the past.

Yesterday a Dutch Microsoft employee posted a picture of the LG E900 on his Twitter page. Not surprising, (hopefully he still has a job) but what was interesting is that the new LG E900 pictured was running 360 My Web. 360 My Web is essentially a web based application that is installed onto Vodafone devices (think something similar to Verizon’s V-Cast). Reportedly VodaFone would not confirm their preparing to launch some new WP7 devices. However, they did go on to state that “It’s not uncommon for us to load VodaFone 360 onto devices as a test, to help us make a decision on the devices we choose”. But don’t get your hopes up to high or even hold your breath as they are obviously testing there software on the device to see if the platform would be a good fit for their service. In my humble opinion you will indeed see WP7 devices via Vodafone at the launch of the new operating system, but what do I know.

The new WP7 operating system when announced called for the likes of At&t and Orange for “exclusivity” in regard to service. But with the new leaks coming off of the Dutchmen’s twitter page it looks like UK customers will get some options –like they always do-.

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