Windows Phone 7 Getting Kindle, Twitter

Amazon is making a Kindle app for Microsoft’s new smartphone operating system—Windows Phone 7 (WP7)—and an official Twitter client app has just launched. WP7 passed the 1,000 apps mark earlier this month before launch and besides just all the wonderful Xbox Live functionality in the OS, the smartphones running it are looking quite good. Now that the big players like Amazon and Twitter are expressing their support for WP7, expect everyone else to start jumping on board; provided that these phones sell of course.

The Kindle book reader app from Amazon will be released “in coming months” and it will synchronize with the rest of the company’s Kindle delivery systems including the Kindle ebook reader itself. Amazon has nearly 800,000 titles available to choose from and offers trial downloads of its books. WP7 users of the app will have the ability to tap the screen to flip ebook pages. Overall, it looks like the Kindle app will be a strong eBook system but even with some of the massive screen real estate available on WP7 smartphones, I am certain some will still prefer to use a tablet or dedicated eBook reader for the purpose.

As I said before, the official Twitter app is out now. Twitter developed it in partnership with IdentityMine. The app uses Microsoft Silverlight (Microsoft’s answer to Adobe AIR and Flash) and was custom built for WP7. Happy now that WP7 finally has a Twitter app? The user interface (UI) in the app is called ‘Metro’. The UI relies on a ‘Pivot’ system to navigate through pages of the app. These Pivots (you could just call them pages) can be swiped left or right to show different information from the same app. The Twitter app for WP7 uses Pivots to let users quickly move from their “timeline to mentions to direct messages” according to Twitter’s blog. This is an interesting implementation. I wonder how other WP7 developers will use Pivots and who knows what else Microsoft has hidden away in its SDK.

Now that Kindle and Twitter are all set for WP7, all Microsoft has to do is start selling smartphones. The platform’s app market is starting to look like a viable system for users to get the software they want and need. I would be surprised if it takes company more than a year and a half to get past the 100,000 app mark. What’s your take? WP7 still doesn’t have confirmation for an app you need before you will consider taking the leap and switching?

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