Windows Phone 7 devices delivered by manufacturers you know and trust

The day you finally get to see WP7 in action is coming soon, Microsoft officially confirming manufacturers of their brilliantly looking new OS has perpetuated an eminent release. And speculation puts hardware in the public by the end of the year.

Let’s face it Microsoft is a monster company and has some pretty cool friends. Recently Microsoft’s mobile division has been shrouded in secrecy developing what will soon become the forefront of their mobile sector WP7 or Window Phone 7.  Until recently little was known about the true functionality of the new operating system, and while more details are seemingly leaking every day the OEM’s or manufacturers of the new WP7 was at the top of the intrigue list.  Recently LG, Asus, and Samsung have all been confirmed as companies that will be pumping out the new WP7 phones and presumably when into design mode immediately after striking the deal. Greg Sullivan, who is the senior product manager for Microsoft has stated to Pocket-Lint.Com that the world could expect WP7 units from the likes of Asus, LG, Samsung and two new comers, HTC and Dell. There is still no official word on a release time for the new WP7 phones from Microsoft; however the round about time frame from those in the know is, around the “holidays”. Excellent news as this essentially means there will most likely be about 5 potential flagship models for Microsoft to spread its WP7 wings, and reach the masses. Sullivan went on to tell Pocket-Lint.Com that “We want as many people as possible to be able to get it”.

When Pocket-Lint asked Sullivan whether WP7 would be stealing customers away from Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android OS, he stated that “By the time we will launch, we won’t have to worry about stealing customers from other operating systems; there will a new wave of smartphone users to embrace for us to still be successful”. Standing on their own two, is what that translates to me and only time will actually tell if WP7 will be a hit? However, looking at the line up of manufacturers it seems WP7 whether popular out of the gate or not will indeed have some staying power.  

Does WP7 interest you?

Do you think the likes of the manufacturers listed will make the release anymore wide spread or popular?

Tell us what you think of the new WP7 OS.

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