Windows Phone 7 App development takes a step forward

Microsoft is currently ironing out there re-entry back into the mobile industry. For awhile small bits of information have leaked out of Redmond and other sources. But the big question on everyone’s mind is can they get it to where it should be by the time they release. Microsoft has stated many times that they expect a WP7 launch by the holidays this year. But what about the apps? Will they be ready?

Today on the Windows Phone Developer Blog Micro soft put a time frame on when developers can officially get the tools they need for making apps within the WP7 platform. That time frame is stamped with a September 16th date and is surely lined up for a timely launch in relation to the “holidays” release date that Microsoft has been clamoring about for sixth months now. Currently if you are a developer you can head on over to to register and get your application rolling with the supplied Beta-Tools, then once the final version of the tools are released on the 16th you can refine your app or game and get them ready to for “ingestion” into the marketplace in October. Yes October, application developers will be able to post their creative works to the WP7 market place starting in October.  With an approval process that should take around a week or two, this will most likely put the number of apps available in the WP7 marketplace at a healthy number before the official launch of the Windows phones.

So one step for mankind (consumers) and one giant leap for developers, one way or the other we are now that much closer to the release of the WP7 as long as there are no steps back.

Let us know what you think of WP7, will it be successful? Or will it flop? Is the time frame listed enough time for developers to make some good apps for the OS? Sound off and let us know.

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