Windows Phone 7.5 Update in the works set to impress

Windows Phone 7 came into this hectic mobile world with one word on their minds – competing. Microsoft has set their bar to compete against the mobile titans and is doing a relatively good job. WP7 devices first started shipping late last year and since there has been only one update that brought about the much sought after copy and paste functionality along with some CDMA focused details. Updates are expected and usually a great thing for end users, however this last update turned some WP7 devices into worthless bricks of technology. A new update is in the works however and is sure to add some features that are pretty cool to say the least.

The coming update to WP7 is codenamed Mango and is assumed to be officially named Windows Phone 7.5 at upon release. This update is known to improve upon multitasking, improved sensor support as well as an updated browser which is said to be built on IE 9. Recently the lid has been blown off of what other details lye in Mango by a Windows Phone Developer Podcast over at  With these new features, WP7 will step up its competitive edge with a list of goodies that are found in Android’s OS. These updates include Bing Audio, Turn by Turn Navigation, SMS Dictation as well as Bing Vision. With Bing Audio you get the same functionality as essentially Shazam, in which you can run the application to identify music that is playing. Initially this feature will only be available in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Great Brittan and the United States. Turn-by-Turn Navigation is pretty self explanatory and can offer “voice guidance during driving directions”. Bing Vision is the same idea of Google Goggles that will allow your WP7’s camera to become a full fledged scanner. This feature will allow you to identify and search using quick snap shots of DVD’s, CD’s, QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, Barcodes, books and text. SMS Dictation uses Microsoft’s TellMe services that will allow you to use voice to text functionality with your SMS messages by simply tapping the small embedded microphone icon.

With these new updates on their way to WP7 it seems that Microsoft’s plan is coming together nicely. Let us know what you think of these new updates potentially coming to WP7. Looking forward to the update? Do these updates and new features make you want to pick up a WP7 device? Let us know in the comments.

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