Windows Phone 7 in October

Windows Phone 7 sooner than you think The secretive WP7 or Windows Phone 7 operating system is currently making moves within the industry. As more and more small details leak out, we simply cannot compose ourselves as WP7 is sure to impress. The most recent bit of information about Windows new mobile OS comes to the world from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in France.

While Microsoft is still hush about WP7’s details, we have some interesting information about a potential release time. The intro of the video shows the host Mich Mathews Microsofts VP of marketing introducing Kostas Mallios who is the GM of Live Labs at Microsoft, she then not so noticeably says “he has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October.” She slips this up at around 15 seconds into the video. Now we’re not sure if she was supposed to mention this but we are sure happy she did. It has been known for awhile through leaks and other media sources that WP7 would be arriving to the world by the “holiday” 2010. But this further confirmation is simply sweet and most highly anticipated.

The rest of the video is filled with goodies, showing off some capabilities of the new WP7. The operating system in the video is running on an unknown Samsung phone, which Microsoft calls their mule. Just another way of saying this is our test phone. So no official word on the model, but wow can WP7 perform. Kostas opens the presentation with a brief Bing voice search, he searches the words Xbox Kinetic with his voice and the search engine gives him the news on the Microsoft’s new gaming technology. Kostas then simply changes the search to web and proceeds to the Kinetics website. Early in the presentation Kostas states that the new OS to him is an “ad serving machine”. Basically the new WP7 is essentially an app developers or marketers dream. The statement comes out of the new operating systems application features, for the developer connecting directly to the consumer in multiple ways will be a breeze.

The revolutionary way Microsoft will get developers and consumers to interact is simply amazing, however most consumer will not care all too much, as long as the process of down loading and using applications is not altered they should be fine. But if the application was to stop working and or not install properly, the service between consumers and developers will be paramount, simply taking this relationship to a different level. If the consumers care or not this will obviously be adding some unique value to the market place and furthering the direction of the mobile industry.

Toward the end of the video Kostas takes a picture of himself and Mitch and then states “And what I love about this: zero-step sharing. This has already gone on my SkyDrive and is being shared with my friends.”  As he is leaving Kostas states WP7 should be avalible in the fall and well as im sure you know October is indeed in the fall.

Microsoft is world renowned for their amazing products and bringing new technology to the world. I think they will be doing just that with their new WP7. Check out the whole video on Microsoft’s Advertising Youtube channel.

Zero step sharing makes me smile.

What about you?

Tell me how you think this will stack up against iOS and the Androids of the day.

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