Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone 3G to iOS 4

If you were pondering whether or not you should upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS 4, do not. While the device is capable of running Apple’s new operating system, the 128MB of RAM in the 3G is not up to the task. The smartphone runs sluggish, apps freeze up and sometimes crashes. While it was a nice gesture on Apple’s part to enable to update for the 3G, I really cannot recommend it. Besides, even with iOS 4, the 3G cannot multitask like the iPhone 4 so there really is no point to putting yourself through the pain of a slow smartphone. Having the ability to create and use folders is not worth the trouble.

Downgrading an already iOS 4 upgraded iPhone is not a difficult task if you have already made the plunge. Plenty of guides on how to do it abound on the internet. If you hate the slow speeds, then by all means, downgrade.

Do not believe me that the iPhone 3G really should never be allowed to run iOS 4? Check out the YouTube video below. It nearly made me cry.


Think that  it is a trick? Check out this video then.

Have you tried to upgrade the iPhone 3G or the iPod touch 2nd gen to iOS 4?

How was your experience?

Did you downgrade or are you still chugging along?

Or do you think that the feature set is worth the slowdown?

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