White Galaxy S II announced for August 15th release

When I think of the Apple vs. Samsung saga that is currently taking place, I used to shake my head in disgust. Until recently I had a major problem with these two companies shooting low blows by blatantly copying each other and then shortly after that bringing the argument into court. It almost seems like it’s intentional. Recently I had the chance to poke around in a Samsung Galaxy S II and pretty much the whole time I was poking around I was looking for the Apple connection. While it’s not that easy to pin point, it was pretty obvious when the Touch Wiz ‘book shelf’ was opened. So when I took a gander at this new Galaxy S II in white my mind would only revert to that book shelf and the ongoing rage between the two companies.

The Galaxy S II is by far one of the most impressive phones ever. The device that sold 5 million units in 85 days has recently been revamped with a white housing, that didn’t take nearly a year to create! The white Galaxy S II was initially leaked by a UK based retailer on Wednesday. Clove Technology announced that the white Galaxy S II will be available August 15th. At the time of the original leak pictures of the device were MIA…today that all changes. Take a look at the white Galaxy S II. The white Galaxy S II is indeed the same Galaxy S II as the black version. You will be able to find the same dual core processor, the same Gingerbread operating system and the same 4.3 inch Super Amoled screen on the front. So what is the difference? Well the color and the price of course. The white Galaxy S II is currently up for preorder with certain UK retailers and will run you £410 or £500 depending on where you shop, so shop wisely! The white Galaxy S II will also be around 11 bucks more expensive than its normal black counterpart. Unfortunately there is no word on this white Galaxy S II making its way to the states, however if Apple has anything to do with it, the white Galaxy S II will be stuck outside of our borders.

While the white Galaxy S II may be making its way to the general public it will be interesting to see what Samsung can do next to fall in line with Apple’s path. Let us know what you think of the new white Samsung Galaxy S II. A very nice looking phone in my opinion. Sound off let us know what you think. And remember whether you picked up the white or black versions we have all the Galaxy S II accessories you need.

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