White iPhone 4 Coming Soon: Trust Apple Enough to Buy One?

Apple’s white iPhone 4 will ship in the second half of this month. It could possibly hit shelves as soon as July 16th but will most likely appear closer to the end of the month if Apple’s track record for releases proves true. What exactly will this mean for Apple and its sometimes insanely loyal customer base? Anything really.

Many customers have been holding off on picking up the newest version of Apple’s extremely popular smartphone because they want the white model. Quite understandable. Patience is a virtue. However, with the huge array of problems that have been reported with the new device since its release, will those who had been holding off for the white model actually buy one when it arrives?

We have heard about the reception issues with the phone depending on how it is held. That may or may not be a software glitch that is fixable. We have heard about the yellowed screens. Apple replaces defective units like that. Then we have heard about the yellow tinting that shows up in pictures taken indoors with its camera. That should be fixable through software. And now we are hearing about 3G upload speeds being throttled to 100KB per second. No word yet on if that is AT&T’s decision, or if scheduled/unscheduled maintenance has something to do with it.

So what is up Apple and AT&T? You two need to get your stuff together because I really had expected better from you Apple (AT&T, you are a different story).

Will you be getting a white iPhone 4 when it comes out despite the problems that have been reported? Think that they are overblown? Counting down the days in anticipation until you can finally get one? Let me know what you think.

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