White iPhone 4 in action in Vietnam

Here we go again, round seven hundred and thirty eight of the white iPhone 4 rumors. Last week some details surrounding the pending launch of the white iPhone 4 surfaced out of some details from Bloomberg. Before that there was a tweet from a highly ranked Apple official, today we get to see the white iPhone 4 in action.  With leaks like these – unless of course it turns out to be fake – are the type of leaks that we like to see before a rumored launch.

Tinhte.vn a leaktastic blog based out of Vietnam has posted some very believable video of the white iPhone 4 in action. The site claims to have the gotten the white iPhone from Apple and it is currently running a “test version” of iOS. While the legitimacy of this white iPhone 4 can surely be brought into question, the Vietnamese blog does have a track record of getting pre-released Apple products. In the video the reviewer shows off iOS’s new multitasking, as you can see a long press or tap of an application can pop open a multitasking switcher that shows off all running apps. From there simply tap on the app of your choice or X out of an app you chose to terminate. The video goes on to show a “Search iPhone” dialog box at the very top of this window of windows, using this features directs you into the Spotlight search as expected. Check the video for a visual explanation of what I’m talking about.


A second video of the white iPhone 4 shows a bit more of the phone itself. Small details of the phones build point to it being a prototype. On the back of the unit the size of its internal storage is branded as XXGB but watching a bit more of the video you can see in the settings menu this white iPhone 4 has 64 GB of storage. Other indicators – or poor manufacturing – of its prototype-ness is the lack of plus and minus signs on the phones volume rockers. The camera looks a bit odd, but this was one of the rumored reasons behind the delays so hopefully that’s the fix. Also worth mentioning is the app folder creation which is a bit different then what’s available now. Is this the old white iPhone 4 ready to launch? Or just some highly refined jailbreak/fake? Check out the video below and you be the judge.

Real or fake, I can’t wait for this thing to launch so we can all move on! But seriously let us know what you think of the white iPhone 4. Are you still waiting to pick up an iPhone 4 because you wanted the white version? Sound off in the comments on this new leakage of the white iPhone 4.

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