White iPhone 4 Soon? Regular iPhone 4 Models Shipping Quickly Now

Apple is now shipping iPhone 4s to its customers that order online in 5-7 business days. The good news from Apple’s website can only mean one thing—the supply and manufacturer constraints that have been keeping one of the world’s most popular smartphone models from timely delivery have to have been fixed to some degree. You know what that means? The iPhone 4 white edition might just be around the corner.

Before you start search the Apple store for a white iPhone 4, its availability has not been announced yet. However, when you figure it used to take Apple three weeks or more to send customers a new iPhone 4, this is certainly good news. It looks like Foxconn—the iPhone manufacturer—has gotten the kinks worked out on building the iPhone 4 (it required the purchase of specialty equipment designed for building prototypes apparently). Now we just have to sit back, enjoy our new smartphone and wait for the white model to hit stores. The white model of the iPhone has always been extremely popular, so it makes sense for Apple to wait to start selling it until its manufacturing and supply chain were able to handle the load.

Also, it would be foolish for Apple to try to start making a Verizon or T-Mobile iPhone model until it could start delivering its current AT&T customers iPhones within a reasonable time. This mean that the Verizon or T-Mobile iPhone will be coming out soon? I wouldn’t go that far, but the news does help the rumors from at least a logistics standpoint.

Are you still holding off for the white iPhone 4? Waiting for Verizon to get it? Hoping T-Mobile doesn’t get stuck with the iPhone 3GS at first? Let me know in the comments.


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