A White iPhone 4 May launch soon

The white iPhone 4 is surely a heavy unicorn in the room. Since the dawn of the iPhone 4 the option for a white iPhone 4 has been held over potential buyer’s heads like a carrot over a racing rabbit. Since the first couple of delays, the white iPhone 4 has always felt just like tease, something to look forward to that will actually never happen. Maybe for Apple the white iPhone 4 has turned into a better marketing tool then anything and keeping it on the back burner keeps the words Apple, White and iPhone 4 spewing out of the mouths of consumers, bloggers, journalists and even Bloomberg.

Today in the newest rumor of the white iPhone 4 it seems that it may be coming into fruition very soon. Bloomberg has posted some details surrounding the white iPhone 4 saying that it will be made avalible to both Verizon and At&t customers in the “next few weeks” or “by the end of April” depending on how your rounding skills are. Bloomberg’s source has asked not be identified as the conglomerate’s plans have not been set in stone and are surely not public at this point.

Apple announced the iPhone 4 back in June and since then the delay of the white version has been cited by many different issues. But basically it’s narrowed down to manufacturing problems, peeling paint, yellowish hues, camera problems and mischievous garden gnomes have been the cause for the delay all along. Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller posted to his Twitter account last month that the white iPhone 4 would be made available soon and should be for sale by spring. When taking that Tweet with Bloomberg’s insiders details the world just might see the white iPhone 4 soon enough.

So don’t expect an iPhone 5 this year, the refresh will simply be the 10 month old white iPhone 4. Have you been waiting for the white iPhone 4? Your time has come to fulfill all of your white iPhone 4 dreaminess. Let us know in the comments below.

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