White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Later This Year

Apple has decided to delay the launch of its white iPhone 4 model until sometime later this year, despite the company’s initial promise that it would be available sometime in July. Apple is saying that the white smartphones are more difficult to manufacture than expected, which does not make very much sense. How exactly does using a different color make a phone more difficult to build?

Of course, the entire ‘Antennagate’ dilemma might be at work here, and hopefully the real reason for the delay is because Apple is making sure that the white iPhone 4 does not suffer from any ‘death grip’ problems like the black model does. This theory fits nicely into those silent iPhone 4 recall rumors, and would probably be a best-case scenario. How long it will take for Apple to finally roll out the white one is unknown however, and customers are getting anxious.

Leave it to Apple to be the only company around that can pull so much nonsense and still have customers lining up for miles to get their hands on one of their new smartphones. While the free bumper case giveaway will help squelch some of the anger and go toward repairing the important trust relationship between customers and the company, it is definitely not a permanent fix. Apple really has to be working on something hardware related with the iPhone 4 so that it can keep moving up in the smartphone market share rankings. Google’s Android is gaining ground and Research In Motion will be launching a full salvo of new hardware and an updated operating system very shortly.

Do you think that the real reason the white iPhone 4 is being delayed is to work out the reception problems? Apple getting a little too big for its britches? Does the company really think that we will believe that it is harder to make a white phone than a black one? Sound off and weigh in.

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