White iPhone 4 Delayed until Spring 2011 Now—Anyone Still Waiting for It?

Picture of a white iPhone 4 from AppleIt’s official—Apple’s coveted but surprisingly still missing white iPhone 4 model will not appear in stores until “Spring 2011” according to the company. This information comes courteous not of an official press release or statement by Apple but instead on signs that are starting to appear in Apple Stores. Why the massive delay for the white iPhone that should have been in stores months ago? Everything from wrong colored ‘Home’ buttons to manufacturing and design flaws that allow light in through the case and over expose pictures have been blamed in the press. We’ve even seen white iPhones appear in usual places, like in the hands of non-Apple employees.

With a firm date from Apple that is literally months away still and probably after Verizon is expected to receive its iPhone model, who still is willing to wait it out for one? Sure, the iPhone 3GS still has multitasking but if you’re stuck with one and desperately waiting for the white iPhone 4 model to upgrade…is it still worth it? No white iPhone is sure to displease plenty of holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift. I’m sure at least some out there are wondering if they might as well wait now for the white iPhone 5 which will probably show up in stores a lot quicker after it is announced than it is taking the white iPhone 4 to.

While no one will be getting a white iPhone for Christmas, don’t let it ruin your white Christmas. 9to5Mac first discovered the signs Apple has started posting. While Apple has previously stated that it didn’t expect the white model of its wildly popular smartphone (read—the most popular phone in the world) to be ready in time for Christmas, this is certainly the final nail in the coffin of hope. My question for the readers is a simple one: have you been waiting for a white iPhone 4 or did you already give up in frustration and settle for the black iPhone 4 model? If you’ve been waiting, did ‘Antennagate’ have anything to do with your decision to wait for the later model?

I have a feeling that a lot of iPhone owners out there have been hoping and praying that the white iPhone 4 would come out in time for Christmas, be compatible with Verizon’s network and not suffer from signal attenuation when the phone is held tightly in the left hand. At least I have been. Let me know what you think about this delay until Spring 2011 in the comments.

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