Rumor Has it the White iPhone 4 is Delayed Due to Light Leak

Since the white iPhone 4 has been delayed until sometime later this year, a lot of speculation has popped up as to the reason why its initially promised July release has been postponed. Besides the usual assumptions that the delay is due to a real hardware fix being worked on for the iPhone 4’s antenna to solve those ‘Antennagate’ problems, another interesting rumor that attempts to explain the whole situation has emerged. Why has the white iPhone 4 been delayed? Well according to The Street, Apple has a problem with light leaking from the white model of its popular smartphone.

Wait what? Light is leaking from the phone? Yes, according to the usual suspects—a “person familiar with the manufacturing process”—the backlighting for the iPhone 4’s gorgeous screen is coming out of the edges of the glass. It is also apparently coming out of the back of the phone’s white case. Remember the new design that Apple adopted for this model of the iPhone? It is designed like a sandwich of high-tech glass. Glass front and glass back, with the metal external antenna running around the edges.

While this rumor certainly does fit in with Apple’s earlier statement that the white model is more difficult to manufacture than expected, it could also be all a bunch of nonsense put out to make us all think that Apple is not working on the real fix to the antenna. Because, after all, Apple still will not admit that there is a real hardware problem even though it is giving out all of those free rubber bumper cases.

So Apple, are we really expected to believe this? Surely you have built plenty of test models in the previous months. Then again, apparently no one on the Apple test team ever held the iPhone 4 in their left hand, so this might have slipped by them too. Ouch, it stings doesn’t it Apple?

Weigh in with a comment and let us know if you think that this latest rumor has any truth to it.

 Is the white iPhone 4 delayed because of light leaking out of it or because Apple is fixing the antenna? Let’s see what you all think.

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