White iPhone 4 anyone?

The iPhone 4 is one of the most sought after smart phones on the planet. But where is the promised white iPhone 4? I like to think it was never to be made in the first place, all along Apple yanking the general public’s chain and getting some free press out of it. Just last week the world got to see the dawn of a new iPad, the iPad 2. Surprisingly enough the new iPad 2 comes in black and white from the opening gate.  So a white iPad is manageable, while the smaller little cousin is literally impossible. New, news on this unicorn of a smart phone has surfaced via Twitter and it is some good news.

Over the weekend a white iPhone 4 hunter was on Twitter, searching for the mythological creature Steve Erwin style. Surprisingly enough the young unicorn hunter actually stirred up some pretty good news. After being delayed twice by Apple publicly, and then pretty much going silent since Apple’s Philip Schiller broke the silence via Twitter. When asked “how do I get a white iPhone?” by the fearless hunter, Philip Schiller tweeted “The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).”  Schiller in case you were wondering is the senior vice president of product marketing for Apple. Pretty sure that should be as official as it comes outside of a press release. But I feel like we have heard this all before. Maybe not from Schiller and maybe not off the cuff on a high profile Twitter account but, all I can think of is this funny little video below by Hoggworks Studios. Fair warning on the language!

So there you have it folks this spring. If my calculations are correct this means the white iPhone 4 should show up within March 21st and June 21st. A bit of a stretch, I know but he said spring. I’m looking forward to the announcement of the white iPhone so we can all move on with our lives. Now if only a Sprint iPhone black or white existed, guess that’s another hunt all together. Are you looking for a white iPhone 4? Were you one of the few that opted to wait it out for the white version? Do Schillers words make you quiver with excitement? Be sure to sound off below!

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