Why No White iPhone 4? Colors Don’t Match

Apple only makes its wildly popular iPhone in two colors: black and white. While the black iPhone 4 model has been out for some time now, the white version has been delayed and delayed. Apple claims manufacturing problems and while a few theories have come out, this might be the most ridiculous yet most believable. Apparently Apple’s manufacturers can’t match colors.

According to Pocket Lint, a man was spotted at a press event in New York with a white iPhone 4. They managed to snags some pics and ask him why he had one while the rest of the world is waiting. The answer? The man claimed that Apple has tons of white iPhone 4s but the white color of the home button does not match the white color of the phone itself.  He went on to say that a friend of his works for Apple and since they have so many just sitting around at Apple HQ, his friend was able to get one for him.

Wait what? Apple won’t sell the white iPhone 4 because the shade of white used for the home button square does not match the front of the phone? Apple certainly can be picky about what it sells. However, you would have hoped that they would have paid more attention to their antenna design for the phone instead of making us all wait indefinitely until their manufacturers learn to match colors.

While there is no way to verify the claim right now, it certainly does make a little bit of sense. Or at least remind us that what we really want—the white iPhone 4—still has not made an appearance. If Apple really has bunches of these things in boxes everywhere and won’t sell them because the difference of shades of white, they can feel free to send me one. Or two or three.

Is this just someone making something up and playing on the fact that Apple fanatics and the company itself are considered ‘too cool’? If this does turn out to be true, it certainly would set a new bar for aesthetic snobbism. Let me know if you think this is the real reason why.

Have any other ideas? Apple secretly delaying the white iPhone 4 model for Verizon early next year? Hmm. Keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and has anyone actually delayed buying an iPhone 4 just because they want the white one?

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