A White HTC EVO Best Buy Exclusive

Sprints release of the EVO 4G has been successful to say the least. A few issues here and there, but overall a successful launch. But what do you do to keep the hype alive. You follow your competitors and make a white version of your greatest models. You can find this trend in the white version of Blackberry Bold series, as well as the white version of the Apple iPhones.

Best Buy is currently taking preorders for a white version of the Sprint EVO 4G. The set release date on the white EVO is July 11th. Currently the information provided from Best Buy is this is an exclusive deal where the white EVO is to only be shelved in their stores. However the rumor mill states that the white EVO will be available in Sprint stores come mid August, Engadget claiming August 18th to be exact. Looking at the pictures of the newly released white EVO it seems that the “bumpers” of the phone sport the new color as well as the battery cover.  To most this lack of full on color falls a little short as the front side of the phone still shows to have its black screen in place.

The idea of releasing this white EVO to me is pure competition. I am taking a risk in saying this but I would imagine the white iPhone will be released to the public right around the same time the white EVO hits the streets. As always (or at least most of the time) only time will tell.

Will this be hit for Best Buy, Sprint and HTC. Do you care, are you an EVO user?

 Will you be getting a white HTC EVO?

 I Know I am considering it. But let us know what you think

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