White Blackberry Bold 9700

Rogers the Canadian based service provider has launched a White version of the Blackberry Bold 9700. The phone has been made available for purchase today.

Now there’s not real news here except the fact that there is another rare White-berry on the market. Most traditional BlackBerry users will most likely frown on this, as they see Blackberry trying to appeal to a younger generation, I guess I’m not a traditional Blackberry user. I love it.

This version of the Blackberry Bold 9700 comes with all the standard goodies and seems to only be available in Canada, which I’m sure in time, will cross the border into the states and then the rest of the world.  For now it looks as if Rogers has a corner on this rarity of a Blackberry.

The specs for this oddity BlackBerry 9700 white includes BlackBerry OS, full QWERTY keyboard, 256 MB RAM, MicroSD slot, 480 x 360 resolution, and a battery that provides up to 6 hours talk time. For most of us still using our outdated BlackBerrys this is water under the bridge as no matter the color my original Bold seems to be working just fine, may be a little sluggish in comparison. If and when I can make the Blackberry any color I want then and only then it may be intriguing to me.

Check out the basic specs of the Bold 9700 below;

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • 480×360 resolution display
  • Wi-Fi a,b,g
  • OS 5.0
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2 megapixel AF camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Are you using a Bold 9700? Let us know what you think, do you want the white version?

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