What is the BlackBerry 9570?

A leaked image of a BlackBerry running OS 6 and identifying itself by the number 9570 has made its way to the internet. The version of BlackBerry OS 6 that it is running is, which is not the newest iteration, but close enough. The Storm series technically has the identifying numbers 9520 and 9550, so the 9570 is most likely that Storm2 refresh that has just gained some credibility in the past two days. Is this the Storm3? Probably not. Think something along the lines of the Bold 9760 refresh that adds more RAM, BB OS 6 and a better camera.

The mere existence of this picture (thanks to BBLeaks) certainly throws a monkey wrench into the tech blog writer’s mental overview of what Research In Motion (RIM) devices are coming, in development, etc. Everyone has been focusing on the big boy—the supposedly coming Storm3. Is the Storm3 with its fantastic specs real? The consensus is still yes. However, it looks like a device to bride the gap between the Storm2 and the Storm3 will be coming out. Physically and technically, it is nearly identical to the Storm2 series.

The leaked picture of a new Storm looking device might be the real Storm3 we have all been waiting for. However, since the 9570 will most likely come out months before the Storm3 (should we call it the Storm 4 now or demote the 9570 to Storm2.5 status?), is anyone going to jump for one to get OS 6? From what is known, it will be still using SurePress.

The rumored launch date for this Storm 9570 is October. We might even get to see it in action at the BlackBerry DevCon 2010. The big question is, since it is assumed that a much more powerful Storm device will be launching in early 2011, who would bother to buy this? SurePress is hated by most, the smartphone will be running the same internals of the Torch 9800, and the real Storm3 is expected to blow this out of the water. Probably for around the same price at launch.

Let’s wait and see where this all goes. Hopefully DevCon 2010 sheds some light. In the meantime, let me know if you think this new Storm 9570 will be worth getting or if you don’t mind waiting a few more months for the real Storm3. Will the real Storm3 please stand up?

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