What iOS 4.1 Fixes


The soon to be released and hotly anticipated iOS 4.1 update promises a lot. Fortunately, the per-release version delivers on most things. Bluetooth fixes, improved performance and of course the proximity sensor issue have all been addressed (at least for most). The update is expected this week, so make sure you backup before you go for it and keep in mind that there is no jailbreak at the moment (yet). Read on for the full details.

Proximity Sensor

Reports are coming in that iOS 4.1 does fix many users proximity sensor problems on the iPhone 4. The proximity sensor is responsible for turning off the iPhone’s screen when it is brought next to the ear to prevent accidental touchscreen button pressing. When the iPhone is taken away from the ear, the proximity sensor reactivates the screen. There have been conflicting reports so far about how well iOS 4.1 fixes the problem that has been plaguing many iPhone 4 users, but they seem to be fairly positive overall. Let me and the other readers know if the update does or does not fix your proximity sensor. I am still skeptical until I get some confirmation beyond the blogosphere. Apple has taken far too long to fix this problem and it is more debilitating than the whole ‘Antennagate’ mess was.


Horrible Bluetooth performance has been documented on the iPhone 4. iOS 4.1 fortunately brings improved Bluetooth support in the form of remote control functions. Change volume, skip tracks and more now from your headset. Still waiting to figure out if the more serious problems of Bluetooth dropping out, refusing to connect, poor audio quality, etc. have gotten a real fix, but some news is better than no news. Like with the proximity sensor problems, please let everyone know how the update treats you after you update.

iPhone 3G Performance

The big one here: iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2 performance running iOS 4. It is well known that iOS 4.0.x runs sluggish and freezes up on older iOS devices, but iOS 4.1 does bring improved performance. If iOS 4 is something you really need (or want) on your iPhone 3G, the update should make it usable. Wait until users start posting how it works for them after the updated OS comes out before you decide to bite the bullet and go iOS 4. And of course, let us know how it works for you.

It is frustrating when companies release software and especially system software that still has bugs in it. For all that iOS 4 brings to the platform, I was disappointed that it took this long before these issues were addressed. As always, remember to backup before you update, remember that it might be a while before a jailbreak/unlock solution becomes available, and remember to keep your fellow iOS users in the loop!

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