Google’s one button Voice Search for Android 2.2

So it seems like every other day Google implements some new sort of coolness to the Android platform. Well guess what Android 2.2 users, today is another one of those “other days”. Google has announced its Voice Search for Android 2.2 users and after checking it out, it surely is impressive.

The new Voice Search from Google allows its users to globally search their phones, and so much more. Voice to text was a great idea, I’m sure we could all agree on that. However, the slight problem that comes up is you still had to manually find the contact and push the “Voice” command within the text field. First reason Google’s Voice Search is amazing; you can text a contact by simply saying there name and then your message. I just used this and it works like a charm. Other coolness that comes from Google’s Voice Search is, calling business’s that you do not have the number for. The app will essentially find the business’s contact information and being to place the call for you. This part of the app is sure to come under fire, as some locations do not have their information posted on the internet (I know this is uncommon, I can hear it now however.), but once they catch wind of this they surely will. The new Voice Search app allows users to navigate to pretty much anywhere, and you don’t need an address. Simple say “navigate to” then your destination and you’re on your way with turn by turn directions via Google’s navigation feature. Testing these parts of the app on my phone is making me smile and my cheeks are starting to hurt, lucky for me there is more. Searching for music, is just as easy, simply tell the search app what songs you would like to search and it scourer the internet and let you know which apps you have that can support the song that was found. The Voice search is indeed amazing, but keeping in mind that your voice actions do not have to happen all at once, you can add text to an email or SMS by simply continuing to speak. Crazy huh. Oh and one of my favorites is the set alarm function. Tell the voice search to set an alarm at anytime and consider it done (I have attempted to do this, but I need a clock update?). Also note to self, if you are as busy as I’am you may find yourself sarcastically saying “note to self” and then obviously forgetting the “note”. Well now if you say this to your Android it will note this and send you an email to remind you of the note.

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty stoked about this new Voice Search app. So I’m going to go waste the rest of my day messing with it. In the mean time, you can check the Google video below for the new Voice Search, but be warned….I told you it was cool!


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