Vizio Adds New Smart Phones To their Line Up



Vizio is a well known company. There is a solid chance that you or someone very close to you has a Vizio televisoion hanging in their house somewhere! Vizio is an American made consumer electronics company that has recently taken their success from television sets into the PC and now the smart phone and table markets. The company took the stage at CES to show off their new smart phones and they are impressive. The company announced a slew of products at the show including two Android tablets, one Windows Phone Tablet and two rather impressive Android based smart phones.

Back in 2011 Vizio took their chances with the Vizio Phone. While the Vizio Phone did not make it to the top of anyone’s wish list, it was a solid start that has ushered in the next generation of smart phones put forth by the company at CES this week. Vizio has introduced two new handsets that will be available for purchase in China only. Bummer, but where there’s progress there is hope! The smaller of the two is the Vizio 4.7 inch handset that rocks a 1280×720 pixel resolution, a 1.2 Ghz dual core MediaTek chipset, 1 GB of Ram, expandable microSDHC memory options and dual SIM capabilities. The second handset is a 5 inch slate that offers up a 1920×1080 resolution, includes a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm processor, 2 GB of Ram, expandable micro SDHC memory and dual SIM capabilities. Unfortunately the buck on details stops there. While the two phones make their way to main land China, the companies CTO Matt McRae pointed out that both models will work with At&t frequency bands, but will lack 4G LTE connectivity. So a good company, with solid products at usually affordable price tags will not quite yet enter the American market. But the plan according to McRae via theVerge.Com is “gain experience building phones and produce enough sales in China to let him come back to the US with more leverage to negotiate deals with our carriers”. Just another way the carriers spoil it for everyone else.

Anyone interested? Anyone thinking of importing new Vizio phones for 3G only use on At&t? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Also before you run, be sure to check out all the best in smart phone accessories today.

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