Beware of Viruses when Looking to Jailbreak your iOS Device

The big jailbreaking solution that we are all waiting for is called ‘GreenPois0n’ and it should be released in the very near future. However, there is something that you all need to keep in mind when jailbreaking your iOS devices (or any smartphone OS for that matter). Fakes do exist. Scams exist. People who want to steal your credit card, social security and bank account numbers are everywhere in this age of digital theft. Cue the ominous music please.

What am I talking about? Computer security expert, Costin Raiu from Kaspersky, is warning everyone be beware of fake jailbreaks. GreenPois0n has not been released yet but a search for it will reveal quite a number of fakes that are really trojans. Also, plenty of unscrupulous operators are trying to get people to pay upwards of $30 for jailbreaking services that are simply fraud.

These trojan virus, fake jailbreaks will try to open your computer to attacks that steal personal information from your desktop computer when you try to run them. They are already starting to appear everywhere on BitTorrent. As of now (9/22), there is no jailbreak for iPhone 4s on iOS 4.0.2 or 4.1. Everything claiming to do so is lying and has malicious intentions.

Even when pod2g (the hacker developing GreenPois0n) releases their jailbreak, expect plenty of fakes to show up. Not just ones that try to hack your computer or take your hard earned money, but ones that actually jailbreak your iOS device but install malicious software in the background—software that can steal your contacts and personal information right off your iPhone. It is a scary world we live in isn’t it? Smartphones have been safe for the most part so far. Don’t expect that to last forever.

Only use jailbreaks from trusted sources. When the real Greenpois0n hits the internet, I will be using it myself and will be sure to post a link for everyone. In the meantime, don’t fall for sites or torrents that claim to be able to jailbreak your new iPhone 4. They don’t exist yet.

Worried about criminals trying to get in on the iOS jailbreaking frenzy? I am. While we all wait for Greenpois0n, leave a comment and let me know if you’re worried about hackers targeting your smartphone. Anyone in the market for some iOS antivirus?

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